Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calvin's "Big Boy" haircut!

Oh my my my...Calvin got a hair cut! My little baby does not look so little anymore. :( "Big Boy" Calvin is here!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Black Hills - Me & My Boys

Wow, we have been having fun. Calvin and I went to the Black Hill's with Anderson side of the family a couple of weeks ago. I would say the best part of the trip was that my grandma Cheryl got to come. She look so great and really seemed to enjoy the nice fresh air. We love you grandma! We took all the kids to Storybook Island in Rapid City. They all really seemed to enjoy it! I remember it being a lot cooler when I was 6, but I am pretty sure nothing has changed, just my age. :) Calvin liked to walk in and out of all the houses, Ragedy Anne and Andy's House, Peter Peter Pumkin Eaters House, and the Three Little Pig's House. He enjoyed riding on the train all by himself! He also conqured going down the slide with a smile instead of tears! Yay for Calvin! We stayed at my Aunt & Uncles beautiful house in the hills, about 10 miles from Deadwood. It was just beatiful and so much fun stuff to do. We all wish it lasted a day or two longer, but we had to get back to work. We look forward to doing it again soon! Thank you Aunt Janet & Uncle Don for hospitality! :) (first 5 pictures are from the hills)

Calvin, enjoying the rocks, and mommy enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The Beautiful House

Calvin sitting on Toto at Storybook Island. :)

Swim Time!

Pioneer's Park

The picture of Calvin and I in the pool was taken at Larson's last week. We went to go swim and dad got to watch and capture some pictures. Calvin is becoming more and more daring. :) Not really, but he is starting to enjoy the "big" pool more and more.

Aaron, Calvin and I went to Pioneers Park yesterday for a picnic and some nature walking. Daddy was a trooper. He got his cast off on Friday and now he is in a walking boot and cruthches for 2 more weeks. Then he can just be in the boot. Yay! We had so much fun Calvin got to see a spider that daddy found and the "bees"! Calvin loved the bees!

Well, we hope you are all having a great summer. We hope to make it to KC for a Royals game at the end of the month and see our friends that we have been dying to see. So we will hopefully will have more fun pictures soon!

"Forget the days troubles, and focus on the days blessings!"

Take Care,