Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Calvin and Daddy!

Well hello. An update is necessary after this long month.

Our little man, turned ONE on February 20 and Aaron turned 28 on the 10th. Calvin started walking at the begining of January and he acts as though he has been doing it for is crazy to see.

Calvin's first word out of his mouth every morning is "BALL". Balls are his favorite...any size, any color and kind, just as long as he can call it "BALL". He LOVES watching daddy play basketball and we try go o all of his games. He plays three days a week. Calvin also loves watching basketball with dad on TV, that's about the only TV I allow. He perks up and and points at the TV and says baball...I think he is trying to say basketball. ;) He got a new hoop for his birthday from Auntie Ang and Uncle Cory...he can't quite reach the basket and he gets very frustrated...I tell him that he will be slam dunking in no time. His birthday and party were both bitter sweet. My baby boy is a big boy now.

Aaron and I are anxious to go on vacation at the end of the month. We are going to Florida to visit friends and also see two of our friends get married on the beach. We are so excited and I am very excited to see my first beach wedding. Kathleen, the bride, is should be absolutley beatiful!!! I am nervous about being away from him for 5 days, but Aaron reassures me he will be just fine.

Aaron and I enjoyed a night of Oscars with a few of our friends from the capitol. It was a lot of fun and we even had our picture taken with Sean Penn's Oscar. ;) (see below)

My daycare is going great! I still have a part time opening available, so if you know anyone looking for partime care let me know. A new 2 month old baby starts tomorrow...she is so cute and I cannot wait to get to know her.

We (Aaron, Calvin and I) ended this month with Influenza B. I thank God that I was not as sick as "my boys" because who would have taken care of all of us? After 3 long days Aaron and I are feeling much much better, but Calvin's tummy is still not keeping thing down...we will take him to the doctor again tomorrow for his 1 year check up.

Enjoy the pictures and we will update again soon.

Abby :)