Monday, March 8, 2010

It's been awhile....

I went on a walk this morning and I finally can smell spring outside...what a joy!!! This winter was a little rough for me this year. Being stuck inside with the babies all winter long has definitely been a challenge...for all of us! ;)

We are ready for nice weather, the sun, green grass, tulips, planting flowers, feeding the birds, starting our garden, playing in the sandbox, eating Popsicles, the zoo, the pool, the lake, our family walks at night, the park, the cabin.....oh I can go on all day.

I realize that I have not updated our family blog since October so I am including a few pictures of the past 5 months. Calvin is getting so big! He just turned 2 on February 20. He is a talking machine, he has so much to tell us and he is ALL BOY! A few of his favorite things are, his basketball and hoop, his Lebrons (basketball shoes), his kitty Bobbi, trains, trucks, and cars. His new magnifying glass and bug cage, and a new obsession, anything BATMAN (see pictures below)!!! He loves playing with his friend John Patrick, he's always talking about John!

My daycare is going great. Aaron is great, finally playing basketball again and busy at work. I have begun playing around with my new camera...even doing photo shoots for some families. It is a lot of fun. Go to to see my website or go to my photography blog to see some recent photos.

God bless and hope everyone is doing well!


below: We went to paint yourself silly for Calvin's bday.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall is here again!

Our little family has been having some BIG TIME FUN! We love fall and we love all the outdoor time it brings! We have had a chilly last couple of weeks, but that has not stopped us from having fun! :)

Calvin is such a big boy now, so much has changed in the last couple of months. He is talking more and more putting together 2 and 3 words at a time. It is fun being able to actually understand him, well most of the time. And to see his face light up everytime he knows you recognize the words coming from his mouth, finally! :)

Calvin loves riding any toy with wheels...he is a mover and his fafvorite toys are all his balls. Tennis balls are his current favorite. The best $1.50 I have ever spent was on a tube of 3 tennis balls. :) He dumps them out and puts them, and this can go on and on.

Cal also has started "tooting" on the big toliet. Cal calls his poop, toot. :) he only "toots" on the toliet and not on a potty chair, the BIG potty. We taught him to to wiggle and grunt and he has it down to perfection. We would show the video we have but it is not G rated. ;) I know you are all sad about that. Ha.

We enjoyed going to the Mahoney State Park indoor playground for cousin Cadynce's 5th birthday party! It was so fun, even the adults had fun. If you have not been I highly recommend it for family getherings becasue the adults get to play in it too! That is where the photo of us is taken in the ball pit, Cal LOVED the balls. Happy Birthday Cadynce! We get to celebrate cousin Paige's 2nd birthday next week too...we love birthday parties!!!

Hmmm, what else...I am still enjoying my little daycare and keeping busy with other things on the side like Jazzercise, getting the house ready to put on the market and doing a little photography on the side for sme friends and family. I have been having a lot of fun meeting new kids and their families too. Take a look at my photography blog if you have not already,

Daddy's sports injury has healed great. Aaron continues to go to physical thereapy twice a week and they tell him he will be able to start back up with some basic exercising really soon, maybe as early as December. I know he is very excited to hear that...and hopefully be able to play some winter basketball again. We'll see. For now he is working hard at his job and watching lots of football on tv. :) He recently helped organize a fundraiser for the Nebraska Film Association and Alexander Payne was the special guest. Payne directed and wrote Sideways, About Scmidt and Election. Aaron thought that it was pretty neat to meet Payne!
We hope that everyone has been having a great fall so far. Take care and Happy Halloween!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calvin's "Big Boy" haircut!

Oh my my my...Calvin got a hair cut! My little baby does not look so little anymore. :( "Big Boy" Calvin is here!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Black Hills - Me & My Boys

Wow, we have been having fun. Calvin and I went to the Black Hill's with Anderson side of the family a couple of weeks ago. I would say the best part of the trip was that my grandma Cheryl got to come. She look so great and really seemed to enjoy the nice fresh air. We love you grandma! We took all the kids to Storybook Island in Rapid City. They all really seemed to enjoy it! I remember it being a lot cooler when I was 6, but I am pretty sure nothing has changed, just my age. :) Calvin liked to walk in and out of all the houses, Ragedy Anne and Andy's House, Peter Peter Pumkin Eaters House, and the Three Little Pig's House. He enjoyed riding on the train all by himself! He also conqured going down the slide with a smile instead of tears! Yay for Calvin! We stayed at my Aunt & Uncles beautiful house in the hills, about 10 miles from Deadwood. It was just beatiful and so much fun stuff to do. We all wish it lasted a day or two longer, but we had to get back to work. We look forward to doing it again soon! Thank you Aunt Janet & Uncle Don for hospitality! :) (first 5 pictures are from the hills)

Calvin, enjoying the rocks, and mommy enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The Beautiful House

Calvin sitting on Toto at Storybook Island. :)

Swim Time!

Pioneer's Park

The picture of Calvin and I in the pool was taken at Larson's last week. We went to go swim and dad got to watch and capture some pictures. Calvin is becoming more and more daring. :) Not really, but he is starting to enjoy the "big" pool more and more.

Aaron, Calvin and I went to Pioneers Park yesterday for a picnic and some nature walking. Daddy was a trooper. He got his cast off on Friday and now he is in a walking boot and cruthches for 2 more weeks. Then he can just be in the boot. Yay! We had so much fun Calvin got to see a spider that daddy found and the "bees"! Calvin loved the bees!

Well, we hope you are all having a great summer. We hope to make it to KC for a Royals game at the end of the month and see our friends that we have been dying to see. So we will hopefully will have more fun pictures soon!

"Forget the days troubles, and focus on the days blessings!"

Take Care,


Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July Weekend and other Calvin, Abby & Aaron news!

We spent a nice 4th of July weekend at the lakes. We went to a friend of ours lake and then out to our cabin on the actual 4th of July. Rainy, but we still managed to have a lot of fun. We blew bubbles, walked in a parade, and we enjoyed a boat ride!

For those of you who don not already know, Aaron tore his achilles tendon and had surgery the weekend after the 4th. He is doing well and is on his way to a quick recovery. ;) We are all trying to stay very positive.

Calvin is growing growing growing. Saying more and more words everyday. We talked about him turning 2 the other day, and I had tears. Where does the time go? He is the light in our lives, he keeps us smiling and laughing 24/7. Thank God for children.

We are looking forward to Matt and Melanie and the girls moving to Lincoln next weekend. More family in town is always good news. Aaron is especially excited about Matt's office being so close his work.

My daycare is going great A new baby started today! He is just darling and such a great sleeper! ;) My days are busy, but I love my job! I have also started a new little hobby on the side, photography. I have been taking a few photos of some kidos I have met through friends or pictures of my daycare kiddies too. To see some of my photos go to:

My entire family (The Anderson side) are going to the Black Hills at the end of the week for 5 days. It will be a nice little getaway, which I totally need. My aunt and uncle have a beautiful vacation home in the hills that we wil lbe staying at. Aaron is staying home :( , Calvin and I will miss him lots. We will be sure to give him lots of "daddy love" before we go. :)

We hope everyone is having a great summer. See you soon!

Abby :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Flowers bring a BLOG UPDATE!

Happy May!

I finally have my computer back! Yay! My computer modem was shut down due to a hacker. Just my luck...anyway, with the help of my bro-in-law everything is back and working great! I was worried that I was begining to go a little crazy with out my blogs, pictures, etc. ;)

May 1st was a Friday, right? Yes, I suprisingly had the day off and Calvin and I were busy bees. We went and visited daddy at work, stopped at my old stomping grounds,, and went for coffee with my friend Emily. Saturday morning we woke up and looked at the clock and to Aaron and my surprise it was 9:30! Calvin was still sleeping, he is usually our alarm clock and I am not used to sleeping is past 7:30. It was nice to say the least. We had a quick bite to eat and then we headed down the the Farmers Market. It was lively and fun and I took TONS of pictures of Calvin. They are all soooooo cute. I have posted just a few of my favorites for you to enjoy too! :)

While I was at a friend's bridal shower, Calvin and daddy made a quick trip to the zoo this weekend and Cal got to feed the goats. Daddy assures me that it was the cutest thing he has ever I am anxious to go feed the goats with Cal very soon. ;)

I do not have much time to write tonight..I will again soon. We are very tired after a long day at the cabin and playing basketball. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Happy May!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Calvin and Daddy!

Well hello. An update is necessary after this long month.

Our little man, turned ONE on February 20 and Aaron turned 28 on the 10th. Calvin started walking at the begining of January and he acts as though he has been doing it for is crazy to see.

Calvin's first word out of his mouth every morning is "BALL". Balls are his favorite...any size, any color and kind, just as long as he can call it "BALL". He LOVES watching daddy play basketball and we try go o all of his games. He plays three days a week. Calvin also loves watching basketball with dad on TV, that's about the only TV I allow. He perks up and and points at the TV and says baball...I think he is trying to say basketball. ;) He got a new hoop for his birthday from Auntie Ang and Uncle Cory...he can't quite reach the basket and he gets very frustrated...I tell him that he will be slam dunking in no time. His birthday and party were both bitter sweet. My baby boy is a big boy now.

Aaron and I are anxious to go on vacation at the end of the month. We are going to Florida to visit friends and also see two of our friends get married on the beach. We are so excited and I am very excited to see my first beach wedding. Kathleen, the bride, is should be absolutley beatiful!!! I am nervous about being away from him for 5 days, but Aaron reassures me he will be just fine.

Aaron and I enjoyed a night of Oscars with a few of our friends from the capitol. It was a lot of fun and we even had our picture taken with Sean Penn's Oscar. ;) (see below)

My daycare is going great! I still have a part time opening available, so if you know anyone looking for partime care let me know. A new 2 month old baby starts tomorrow...she is so cute and I cannot wait to get to know her.

We (Aaron, Calvin and I) ended this month with Influenza B. I thank God that I was not as sick as "my boys" because who would have taken care of all of us? After 3 long days Aaron and I are feeling much much better, but Calvin's tummy is still not keeping thing down...we will take him to the doctor again tomorrow for his 1 year check up.

Enjoy the pictures and we will update again soon.

Abby :)