Monday, March 8, 2010

It's been awhile....

I went on a walk this morning and I finally can smell spring outside...what a joy!!! This winter was a little rough for me this year. Being stuck inside with the babies all winter long has definitely been a challenge...for all of us! ;)

We are ready for nice weather, the sun, green grass, tulips, planting flowers, feeding the birds, starting our garden, playing in the sandbox, eating Popsicles, the zoo, the pool, the lake, our family walks at night, the park, the cabin.....oh I can go on all day.

I realize that I have not updated our family blog since October so I am including a few pictures of the past 5 months. Calvin is getting so big! He just turned 2 on February 20. He is a talking machine, he has so much to tell us and he is ALL BOY! A few of his favorite things are, his basketball and hoop, his Lebrons (basketball shoes), his kitty Bobbi, trains, trucks, and cars. His new magnifying glass and bug cage, and a new obsession, anything BATMAN (see pictures below)!!! He loves playing with his friend John Patrick, he's always talking about John!

My daycare is going great. Aaron is great, finally playing basketball again and busy at work. I have begun playing around with my new camera...even doing photo shoots for some families. It is a lot of fun. Go to to see my website or go to my photography blog to see some recent photos.

God bless and hope everyone is doing well!


below: We went to paint yourself silly for Calvin's bday.

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