Sunday, December 28, 2008

Growing Boy, Jill Riese Photography, and Benjamin Button

Good Morning!

I realized this morning that Calvin will be turning 1 in just a few short months! What? He changes so much every day. Aaron and I were just talking about how much he has picked up in just the past feww days. He is now pointing at everything and everyone, he likes to give open mouth wet kisses (really, he does), he stands all by himself, and he likes to dance (well, bounce). It so amazing to watch your child grow and develop right in front of your eyes. He has us wrapped around his little fingers....I dream about him, I think about him first thing when I wake up and right before I close my eyes at night. And when he is sleeping, I sometimes find myself wanting to wake him, just so I can see his baby blues! I never knew that being a mom would completley change the way you look at life, because children become your life and I believe they are the reason you are put on this pretty planet!

I went to Jill Riese Photography blog site this morning ( to get an update, which I often do. She has been taking Calvin's pictures since he was 2 weeks old, and she also shot him at 7 months too. She is so wonderful with children, having 3 of her own, and she captures every expression beautifully! She will be taking Cal's 1 year pictures too and I can't wait!

One last thing, Aaron and I went to the Curious Case of Benjamin Button (with Brad Pitt) yesterday. I must say it is one of my favorite movies of all time! It compares to Forest Gump, Big Fish, and the Notebook! Which are 3 of my favorite movie stories. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great movie, with some comedy, a love story, drama...basically a little bit of everything, for everyone! What a great flick!

...speaking of flicks, take a look at these great flicks...Enjoy!


Clip #1:
Calvin and the Singing Snowmen (and Uncle Matt recovering a football fumble, hilarious!)

Clip #2:
Calvin being cute and showing a little bit of his new dance jig (more of a bounce).

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