Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July Weekend and other Calvin, Abby & Aaron news!

We spent a nice 4th of July weekend at the lakes. We went to a friend of ours lake and then out to our cabin on the actual 4th of July. Rainy, but we still managed to have a lot of fun. We blew bubbles, walked in a parade, and we enjoyed a boat ride!

For those of you who don not already know, Aaron tore his achilles tendon and had surgery the weekend after the 4th. He is doing well and is on his way to a quick recovery. ;) We are all trying to stay very positive.

Calvin is growing growing growing. Saying more and more words everyday. We talked about him turning 2 the other day, and I had tears. Where does the time go? He is the light in our lives, he keeps us smiling and laughing 24/7. Thank God for children.

We are looking forward to Matt and Melanie and the girls moving to Lincoln next weekend. More family in town is always good news. Aaron is especially excited about Matt's office being so close his work.

My daycare is going great A new baby started today! He is just darling and such a great sleeper! ;) My days are busy, but I love my job! I have also started a new little hobby on the side, photography. I have been taking a few photos of some kidos I have met through friends or pictures of my daycare kiddies too. To see some of my photos go to:

My entire family (The Anderson side) are going to the Black Hills at the end of the week for 5 days. It will be a nice little getaway, which I totally need. My aunt and uncle have a beautiful vacation home in the hills that we wil lbe staying at. Aaron is staying home :( , Calvin and I will miss him lots. We will be sure to give him lots of "daddy love" before we go. :)

We hope everyone is having a great summer. See you soon!

Abby :)

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