Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby Teeth and Lots of Drool

Calvin has been teething and has 2 new teeth on the bottom (you can see them in the picture). He has been a trooper. His two top teeth look like they will poke through any day now. Calvin is going to be a lion for Halloween. Strangely he has begun to growl at people as you can see in the video below with his cousins Cameron and Paige. Aaron and I think it is so cute, but we are not sure where he picked up this new GROWL? (You may also here grandma Farber in the background of this video trying to get her 3 grandchildren to pose for a perfect picture...surprisingly that did not happen. ;)

Paige, Cameron, and Calvin (the only one with all of them looking at the camera)

Video: Calvin growling at his cousins.

Drool monster!

Calvin loves this little chick that quacks. We will have all of his toys out on the floor and he will not play with any of them until he finds his chick. It is so fun to watch him try to find it.

Calvin's naked butt! :)

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